CITCO Water Smart City

Smart Meters = Smart Water System = Smart City

The term Smart City is often used to describe an urban area that manages its resources (water, energy, sewer, waste) more efficiently using advanced technology—“smart” technology. The term Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the hyper-connected world including people, technology, real-time supply and demand data, and every resource imaginable.


At CITCO Water, we can design your Smart Water System comprised of:

  • Smart Meters
  • Other Electronic IoT Sensors

  • Wireless Technology
  • Integration

  • High Data Transfer
  • Powerful Analytics

CITCO Water Smart City Water Meter Technology

As a Sensus distributor, we carry all the components to make your system smarter!

1. OMNI Compound (C2) Water Meters

  • Improve your accuracy ranges and capture more revenue from your commercial and industrial accounts.
  • Technologically-advanced, large water meter.
  • Available in almost countless configurations—variety of sizes and offerings.
  • Number one commercial meter in the world.
  • Configured for AMR, AMI, or SCADA systems.

2. AMR SmartPoint Modules

  • Can be matched up with any of the full offering of Sensus residential water meters (including traditional mechanical) that we carry.
  • Come in submersible/pit and non-submersible/non-pit models.
  • End points can be configured as a walk-by, drive-by, fixed-base, or a combination.
  • Gives you highly flexible data collection options.
  • Simplifies both current operations and future growth.

3. Sensus Gateway Sensors

  • Allows monitoring capabilities—pressure, temperature, levels, switches, water quality—throughout your network.
  • If connected to your FlexNet communication network, can transmit alarms when issues need to be resolved.
  • Store data long-term so it can be analyzed for insight into operating conditions.

4. AMI Residential Metrology

  • Contain several condition, diagnostic, and lifetime alarms to help you detect issues in your distribution system.
  • iPERL and ally water meters are two of the most popular.

5. FlexNet Base Station and Analytics Customer Portal

  • Completes the AMI network and smart grid deployment.
  • Provides a reliable network capable of handling high volume and diverse traffic.
  • Continues real-time data collection during outages and emergencies.
  • Improves account efficiency—customer issues and accurate billing.

We offer other solutions to make your system smarter

Asset Management can be another tool in your Smart Water System functionality. We understand that as a utility/service provider, you are responsible for making sure your system stays in good working order, regardless of the age of the parts and availability of funds. Asset Management can help you track your infrastructure assets, transfer and retain key personnel expertise, and plan the proper maintenance, repair, or upgrades.



Asset Management generally consists of:

  • Making an inventory of critical assets (meters, pumps, motors, pipes, etc.).
  • Evaluating and recording asset condition and performance.
  • Developing plans to maintain, repair, and replace assets along with budget plans.
  • Having a comprehensive Leak Detection Program.

Managing your infrastructure assets while trying to minimize your costs can be very challenging. Using a GIS-based Asset Management program can be an efficient way of meeting this challenge. We utilize Diamond Maps to provide a user-friendly, web-based software solution for our customers.  It’s not just the high-tech, smart products that we offer, but CITCO’s Integrated Tech Solutions has the expertise to customize all your telemetry and components to make any system smarter.  We can even make Leak Detection smarter. We offer a range of Gutermann correlation equipment and listening devices, as well as in-line AMR/AMI compatible devices.

Solutions in Action

West Virginia utility reduces non-revenue water by 25 million gallons per year.

City of Fairmont, West Virginia, April 2018 – The City of Fairmont, like most college towns, has many rental properties and apartments with high residential turnover. These types of water connections complicate monitoring customer water usage and inactive accounts. Keeping non-revenue water to a minimum while ensuring the best possible service to its customers became challenging for the City’s water utility. The process of manually reading over 14,500 meters and managing customer billing became inefficient. The City of Fairmont completely upgraded to an AMI solution.


“Since launching the new upgrades, the utility has achieved more than 99% accuracy in its meters (they discovered that ~15% of the old meters failed to provide accurate readings). The utility was able to save $30,000 a year by reducing non-revenue water, improving billing accuracy, and enhancing overall performance. Staff resources were diverted from meter readings and billing to ongoing data and meter testing to ensure greater customer service in the future.”


Click here to view the Sensus Case Study in full detail.

Smart Meter Information

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