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It all begins with Smart Meters

At CITCO Water we understand that lost revenue from water loss is a significant problem for water providers. We offer meter systems that use advanced “smart” measurement and monitoring technologies to collect automated water delivery data. By utilizing smart water meters and infrastructure, providers can deliver more accurate billing, detect customer leaks, and ultimately capture more revenue.

  • Traditional mechanical water meters require a Meter Reader to walk meter-to-meter up to 15 miles per day in all weather conditions.
  • A Meter Reader is expected to detect and report damaged, tampered, and malfunctioning equipment, as well as leaks, exposed wiring, or other safety hazards.
  • A Meter Reader must obtain accurate and timely water meter readings required for customer billing.
  • A Meter Reader is responsible for all this while also dealing with customers, dogs, wildlife, and all kinds of obstacles.
  • Sounds like a lot can go wrong—plenty of room for human error.
  • Smart Meters help you avoid these errors, detect problems while they are happening, and capture non-revenue water.


There are 2 types of Smart Metering Systems

1. Automated Meter Reading (AMR)

  • The first step to improving accurate readings and capture more revenue.
  • AMR systems consist of communication endpoints (radios/modules) installed at residential and commercial meters as well as distribution points, if needed, within the utility network.
  • These endpoints read and store data that can be retrieved with mobile, handheld, and network devices.
  • This allows for touch-read, radio-read, walk-by, and drive-by technologies—whatever works best for your network.
  • Once the data is retrieved electronically, it can be pulled into your information and control systems.

Automated Meter Reading AMR CITCO Water

2. Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)

  • The ultimate Smart Water System that you can install.
  • AMI systems use technologically advanced meters with powerful long-range radio systems that communicate with a base station and network devices.
  • AMI systems can be configured for large-scale multi-application networks (residential, commercial, and industrial accounts).
  • Or simply address your current needs and grow along with you.

With an AMI Smart Water System you can:
  • Read meters from your desk in the office.
  • Make “turn ons” and “turn offs” with the click of a mouse.
  • Collect real-time data (temperature, pressure, chlorine residual, etc.) anywhere in your system.
  • Receive smart water alarms to help you detect issues (customer leaks, reverse flow, tamper detection, empty pipe, etc.) in your distribution system.
  • Stop problems as they occur.
  • Predict trends and make forecasts.
  • Reduce non-revenue water loss.
  • Generate revenue and save money.
Once this infrastructure is in place, the possibilities are endless.

Automated Metering Infrastructure AMI Citco Water
Smart meters make Smart Cities. See our Smart City capabilities for opportunities to make your system smarter!

Our Committment

CITCO Water is committed to providing you the highest quality products available and the latest cutting-edge technology. We are the exclusive distributor of Sensus Smart Water Meters in West Virginia, Kentucky, Southeastern Ohio, and Tennessee. Sensus’s advanced meterology includes residential smart water meters and industry-leading commercial and industrial water meters.


Some of the top Sensus meters that we carry:

  • SRII
  • accuSTREAM
  • ally
  • iPERL
  • Omni T2 Turbo

  • Omni R2 Commercial
  • Omni C2 Compound
  • Omni F2 Fireline
  • Omni H2 Hydrant
  • Omni Portable Meter Tester

Solutions in Action

West Virginia utility reduces non-revenue water by 25 million gallons per year.

City of Fairmont, West Virginia, April 2018 – The City of Fairmont, like most college towns, has many rental properties and apartments with high residential turnover. These types of water connections complicate monitoring customer water usage and inactive accounts. Keeping non-revenue water to a minimum while ensuring the best possible service to its customers became challenging for the City’s water utility. The process of manually reading over 14,500 meters and managing customer billing became inefficient. The City of Fairmont completely upgraded to an AMI solution.


“Since launching the new upgrades, the utility has achieved more than 99% accuracy in its meters (they discovered that ~15% of the old meters failed to provide accurate readings). The utility was able to save $30,000 a year by reducing non-revenue water, improving billing accuracy, and enhancing overall performance. Staff resources were diverted from meter readings and billing to ongoing data and meter testing to ensure greater customer service in the future.”


Click here to view the Sensus Case Study in full detail.

Smart Meter Information

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