CITCO Water Repair Solutions
CITCO Water Repair Solutions Huntington West Virginia

Often repair services are limited in their areas of expertise.

At CITCO Water, we only employ a team of highly qualified, professional service technicians that have undergone rigorous background checks, drug screenings, extensive training, and safety education. As such, our Repair Solutions team stands ready to help with any problem in your treatment plant or in the field. We are committed to solving your problem when the problem happens—as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Services We Provide

  • Emergency 24/7
  • Electrical/Mechanical Technicians
  • Valve Insertions and Line Stops
  • Wet Taps
  • Chlorination Equipment Service and Install
  • Chemical Feed Equipment Service and Install
  • Control Valves Troubleshooting and Install
  • Pump and Control Troubleshooting and Install

  • Telemetry and SCADA Troubleshooting and Install
  • Meter and Instrument Calibrations & Install
  • Large Water Meter Field Testing
  • Equipment Start-up Services
  • Telephone Support
  • System Integration
  • Valve/Meter Vault Pre-Assembly

CITCO Water 24-7 Emergency Repair Service
Call now for emergency 24/7 service or to schedule an appointment with our repair solutions team!
Solutions in Action

CITCO Water is the partner to have during an emergency!

HARRISVILLE, West Virginia – Mayor Alan Haught, “The Town of Harrisville and the Hughes River Water Board have had a wonderful working relationship with CITCO over the years. Whenever the Town has had an emergency, they have bent over backwards to get us the necessary tools, equipment, or manpower to get things back in working order. When working on water or sewer projects, they have been instrumental in providing the things that build a long lasting system for our customers. Their diligence in providing up-to-date equipment is of utmost importance to the Town and its customers.”

CITCO Repair technician on their way within an hour after receiving our call!

BARBOURSVILLE, West Virginia – “Wyngate Condominium Association would like you to know how much we appreciate your prompt response to our problem at the pump station which services four of our residents. Since we were a new customer, we were pleasantly surprised that you had someone on the way to help us within an hour after calling, and our residents had their normal service back quickly. Thank you for providing us with excellent service and the very courteous and efficient personnel doing the work.”

Meeting new NPDES permit limits on time and within budget.

CITY OF THOMAS, West Virginia – Due to new requirements of the NPDES discharge permit, the City of Thomas needed to make improvements to the WWTP on a very limited budget. “The CITCO staff worked closely with me prior to the fieldwork. The technicians arrived on time and proceeded to complete the installation. As with most retrofits, there were unanticipated problems encountered during the installation. The CITCO crew had excellent equipment and extra parts and tools in the well-equipped field vehicles. Supports were needed for the pH probes and the quick connect couplings on the pitot tubes. CITCO went the extra mile to purchase needed materials at a local supplier and fabricate excellent support systems in the field. The installation was completed on-time and within budget. It was a pleasure to work with the CITCO crew to install these needed improvements. The nitrification process is now treating greater than 250 mg/l ammonia nitrogen to less than the NPDES permit limits. Thanks to CITCO for a job very well done!”

Repair Service Information

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