CITCO Water Clean Chemical Program
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Solutions Driven

Many of our chemical customers, at some time, are faced with budget challenges with little to no funds for capital improvements, especially when their systems require much-needed upgrades. CITCO Water has developed an exciting solution for our customers. Our CLEAN Chemical Program provides a unique plan that is customized to our client’s specific needs at no additional cost.


We understand the challenges faced when trying to ensure that your demand for on-site chemicals are met by your current supply. Excess product can remain in your storage for years, outliving their shelf life—costing you money. Other products may be used so frequently that an emergency delivery is necessary—costing you more money. At CITCO Water, we can help you clean up and streamline your chemical needs.

How does the CLEAN Chemical Program work?

Our team of experts will tour your facility and evaluate your needs.
  • Would you benefit from the installation of our mini-bulk system?
  • Does your system need upgraded pumps, instrumentation, or other equipment?
  • How can you make the most efficient use of your plant space?

We will develop a customized plan to meet your needs.
  • We may invest CITCO products—tanks, SMARTank monitoring, pumps, and equipment—into your system at no costs to you.
  • We may recommend safer, more efficient ways of feeding chemicals into your system.
  • Our Chemical Specialists will make sure you have the highest quality water treatment for the best price.

As a member of our CLEAN Chemical Program, you will benefit from:
  • The upgraded equipment without the capital costs.
  • Controlled pricing on all your high-quality chemicals.
  • Lower costs of overall water production.
  • Discounted rates with CITCO Repair Solutions.
  • If using SMARTank monitoring, never running out of product.

Commitment Given

In addition to being NSF certified, CITCO Water is a Responsible Distribution member of the Alliance for Chemical Distribution (ACD).

  • We promise to continually improve the ways we protect health, safety, security, and the environment.
  • We are committed to being responsible and safe in every step of chemical distribution—from storage and handling to transportation and disposal.
  • We are one of the few members in our size range—most members are large national distributors.
  • We are committed to employee safety—both yours and ours.

To see a list of chemicals we carry, visit our Chemical Solutions page.
Solutions in Action

Locked in CITCO’s unbeatable chemical agreement for three years.

TOMPKINSVILLE, Kentucky – “Before joining the CLEAN Chemical Program, the CITCO prices on all our chemicals that we use at the water treatment plant could not be matched by any other vendor, and we got the agreement locked in for a three-year period. CITCO installed tank level indicators on our chemical storage tanks, so they know, and we know how much chemical we have on hand and how much is being used. CITCO has provided Monroe County Water District with wonderful service from day one.”

Resulted in better product and reduced outages for our customers.

CAWOOD, Kentucky – CITCO Water “revamped the Cawood Water District plant delivery system of all chemicals and updated all tanks, pumps, and lines. This improvement not only aided in the delivery of the chemical to the raw water at a more sure and constant rate, but the chemicals themselves far out succeeded the former chemicals we used. This resulted in a better product for our customers and made our jobs easier and quicker.”

Clean Chemical Information

For more information on our CLEAN Chemical Program call us today at (800) 999-3484 or fill out the form below.