CITCO Water Clean Inventory Program

At CITCO Water, we understand the challenges that come with tracking, ordering, monitoring, or reporting your on-site parts inventory while trying to stay on budget and manage daily demands. When you carry a wide array of products like we do, you learn a thing or two about inventory management.  We have harnessed our inventory experience into an exciting opportunity for our customers. Our CLEAN Inventory Program can help you clean up and streamline your inventory.

The CLEAN Inventory Program in 3 simple steps

1. Clean up your inventory

  • Assistance organizing your parts warehouse.
    • Bin Labeling
    • Bar Coding All Materials
  • Access to our full line of products from the industry’s best manufacturers.
  • Device for scanning all materials as they leave the warehouse or storage yard.

2. Manage it

  • Receive up to 12 hours per year of CITCO-offered training at no charge.
  • Pre-determined par values for minimum and maximum inventory levels.
  • Fully functioning cloud-based software (app) for instant access to inventory levels and values.
    • Data for Driving Purchasing Decisions
    • Data to Assist with Inventory Management
  • Simple replenishment orders in CITCO StockRoom based on inventory usage.

3. Benefit from your CLEAN Inventory

  • Reduced inventory levels—CITCO will stock material for quick replenishment.
  • No restock fees on saleable products returned from a job or project.
  • Locked-in prices on ALL program products, including emergency orders.
  • Flexible billing options.
  • 10% Discount on standard service offerings for meter calibration.
  • Never run out of inventory.

CITCO Water Clean Inventory Solutions Huntington West Virginia
Clean Inventory Program CITCO Water
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Solutions in Action

User friendly system improved inventory tracking and reduced costs our first year!

TOMPKINSVILLE, Kentucky – Monroe County Water District joined the CLEAN Inventory Program in December 2018. “The results after one year were amazing. With prices on in-ground material such as pipe, fittings, etc. that cannot be matched by any other vendor, we reduced our costs on in-ground parts by a substantial amount. Not only did CITCO provide us with amazing pricing, but at free of charge, we also received an inventory management system to track our inventory. We always know what we have in stock and what parts need to be ordered. CITCO system is very user friendly, and data is easily recorded or removed from the system. This system allows me as a General Manager to track all our inventory and know where it’s being used in our distribution system.”

Clean Inventory Information

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