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CITCO Water has always been driven to serve our customers, our neighbors, and our community. That drive has resulted in CITCO and its employees donating time, talent, products, and money into helping communities in need—especially in need of clean, safe water. Over the past decades, not only has our community become global, but our ability to help and serve others has expanded internationally.


In 2016 – CITCO partnered with the non-profit organization Agua Yaku to help provide clean water to the people of Bolivia—where over 50% of the population lacks access to clean drinking water.


In April 2017 – A team of seven CITCO employees traveled to Santa Cruz, Bolivia to drill and install two drinking-water wells and distribute water filters to families.


In July 2019 – CITCO+One was established to expand our core value of Driven to Serve as a 501(c)(3) corporate charitable foundation. Since establishment, all of our charitable giving will be made as a donation to the CITCO+One foundation—acting independently as the charitable arm of CITCO Water.

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  • PARTNERS – We cannot do this alone! CITCO+One is always looking for partners who share our passion for clean, safe water for everyone. If you are a current or aspiring nonprofit organization looking to make a difference, please contact us.
  • PROJECTS – We know that one of the best ways we can help is to use our expertise to help build smart, sustainable clean water infrastructure. If you know of an area in need of technical or expert assistance, please let us know.
  • FUNDRAISING – We can do more with more! CITCO+One is looking forward to many fundraising efforts as a way to further our commitment to our local communities.

Service in Action

Helping a neighboring community get clean, safe water for the first time in 17 years.
O’Toole, West Virginia, August 2019 – CITCO+One completed its first official foundation project. In May 2002, a boil-water advisory was issued to several residents in the O’Toole community. The advisory was never lifted. After 17 years of unreliable and unsafe water, CITCO+One was one of several partners that helped Keeper of the Mountains Foundation connect every home in the O’Toole community to clean, safe water. This project exemplifies why CITCO+One was founded—working with partners we can expand our service to others, especially our neighboring communities in need of clean, safe water.


Click here to view the Keeper Of The Mountains article in full detail.

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