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From chemical, meter, engineering and technology, to inventory, hardware, and repair, we have every aspect covered.

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Our Exclusive Programs

Clean Chemical, Clean Inventory-and Smart City capabilities are unmatched in helping our customers save time, money and resources.

Clean Chemical


Many of our chemical customers, at some time, are faced with budget challenges with little to no funds for capital improvements, especially when their systems require much-needed upgrades. CITCO Water has developed an exciting solution for our customers. Our CLEAN Chemical Program provides a unique plan that is customized to our client’s specific needs at no additional cost.

Clean Inventory


At CITCO Water, we understand the challenges that come with tracking, ordering, monitoring, or reporting your on-site parts inventory while trying to stay on budget and manage daily demands. When you carry a wide array of products like we do, you learn a thing or two about inventory management. We have harnessed our inventory experience into an exciting opportunity for our customers.

Smart City


The term Smart City is often used to describe an urban area that manages its resources (water, energy, sewer, waste) more efficiently by using advanced technology—“smart” technology. The term Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the hyper-connected world including people, technology, real-time supply and demand data, and every resource imaginable. Let us help make your city smart today.

Our Commitment

“It’s just amazing to think of all the things that we do and have done, over the 90 years of being in business, that helps take water from the source and put it back to the source. It’s the commitment that differentiates us from our competitors. It’s really that. We do anything and everything to make sure it’s right for the customer. We’re committed to doing extra things. We’re committed to making it right, even when we make mistakes.”


~ Jeff Morrison, CEO

CITCO Water is committed to our customers and their success. Call 800.999.3484 today if your water service is in jeopardy or to schedule an appointment!