September 11th Artifact Transport to Huntington

September 11th Artifact Transport

September 11th Artifact Transport to Huntington

This morning we were honored to send off Vaughn Wentz to New York City, where he will be picking up and transporting back to Huntington steel from September 11th.

Tom Bowen, a Huntington local who went to New York after 9/11 for the rescue effort, reached out to Alan Morrison and asked for our help and participation in transporting two large, long pieces of steel from the JFK Airport hangar, where the wreckage has been stored for nearly 15 years, to Huntington where it will be made into a memorial. Vaughn is driving a CI Thornburg truck to New York today, and will be returning on Thursday in a huge motorcade with an Honor Guard.

John Kelly oversaw the preparation of the truck to be ready for transporting such precious cargo (see pictures attached) – the truck looks like new, with signage to announce what is being transported. There are two Go-Pro cameras mounted on the truck too, to record the road before and after to get a sense of the motorcade on the drive back to Huntington.

On Thursday evening there will be an event in downtown Huntington to welcome the motorcade back in to town!

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