C.I. Thornburg Co., Inc. has changed its name to CITCO Water

C.I. Thornburg Co., Inc. has changed its name to CITCO Water


To Our Partners,

I am excited to announce that The C.I. Thornburg Co., Inc. has changed its name to CITCO Water. It is an exciting era for our company – our steady growth has brought new customers, new teammates, new locations and pushed us to continue to make sure we exceed the expectations of our customers and employees.

You will see that it is not just our name that is changing. We have changed our logo, our mission, our website, our social media, our messaging, and our focus to better reflect our growth and the way we help our customers succeed. Our mission is only a refined version of what we have always known well about ourselves: Solutions Driven. Commitment Given.

Over the last 89 years of being in business we have evolved from a pipe, valve & fitting supplier to one of the most diverse waterworks distributors in the country. The vision that my Grandfather, Web, had was to be a distributor that provided solutions that helped do everything in the water cycle of taking water from the source and putting it back into the source. With this vision achieved, we have renamed the company to CITCO Water to reflect our growth and experience in the water and wastewater industry.

Our longevity and legacy are very important to us. We are the longest standing family owned waterworks distributor in our market and while our name is changing, we are still committed as ever to remaining family owned and operated. As distributors have come and gone or changed ownership, CITCO Water has not. We have remained family-owned and operated and have continued the face-to-face customer relationships that we were founded on.

On behalf of myself, my family and my over 100 colleagues we thank you for your support of our company over the years. We would not be here if it was not for the help and support of so many of you. We are only as strong as the people that are committed to us and for that we are grateful.

If you want to learn more about our rebranding you can visit our new website at citcowater.com. You can read more about each of our new sub-brands, our solutions and more about the story of CITCO Water.


Jeff Morrison CEO

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